Management Approach

Stage 4: ACT

Improvement or adjustment can be induced from the initiative evaluation in order to establish a new standard (baseline) for potential future enactment.


 D.1.  Analysis of results


Conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of data collected in order to compare with the corporation’s measurable CSC objectives and targets.

 D.2.  CSC and initiative review meeting

The development of corporate level CSC and project level CSC activities can be regularly reviewed in order to determine the effectiveness of CSC development. Meetings can be conducted with stakeholder groups, service organizations, NGOs, service clients, social workers and expertise, etc. in order to evaluate:

  • delivery of activities;
  • responses and feedbacks from stakeholders and/or service clients;
  • performance and effectiveness of the CSC initiatives/projects;
  • performance of external providers;
  • need for instant improvements to the project execution;
  • routine communication channels, etc.


Corrective actions can be executed for initiative implementation or potential future enactment.

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