Management Approach

Stage 2: DO

Implement the plan, execute the initiative and make the progress.


 B.1.  Initiative design development and management

Meetings and discussion with stakeholder groups are to be held for detailed initiative design. Programme or schedule can be devised for progress monitoring. Initiative implementation team would be established, while roles and duties can be assigned to team members and any other external partners.

 B.2.  Initiative realization

Initiative implementation according to the initiative planning and programme: corporation can provide technical support, venue, people and equipment to execute the initiative.


Corporation should define the detailed implementation plan based on each initiative, such as inputs, process, monitoring and measurement, output and outcome.

 B.3.  Stakeholder communication

Enhance the communication with concerned stakeholders and partnership organizations in order to establish cooperation. Responsible staff or department can be assigned for proactive facilitation of internal and external communication. Data can be collected for charting and analysis in the following stages.

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