Management Approach

Stage 1: PLAN

Establish the objectives and programmes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the corporation's targets or goals.


 A.1.  Organizational context


The corporation can determine its organizational context in terms of external and internal issues that are relevant to its business role and its strategic direction and that affects its ability to achieve the expected outcomes.


External issues include: legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social and economic environments, etc., whether international, national, regional or local.


Internal issues include: values, culture, knowledge and performance of the organization, etc.

 A.2.  Stakeholders’ needs and expectations

With reference to the seven core subjects and practices of CSR, the corporation identifies the needs and expectations of interested parties that are relevant to its business role and corresponding social contribution.


A diversity of relevant stakeholders may include customers, end-users, regulatory bodies, external providers, pressure groups, neighbourhoods, non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and media, etc. Stakeholder engagement can be conducted in order to collect relevant information.

 A.3.  CSC mission establishment

Organizations can establish CSC missions with measurable objectives and targets with reference to external and internal issues, interested parties’ needs and expectations. Missions can be established in accordance with corporation’s goals and objectives. Organizations can also define which direct and indirect stakeholders to be served and what kinds of relationships and networks to be formed to suit the target stakeholder groups.


Periodical review of missions subject to organizations’ policy and business strategies would also provide directions for CSC development. The external and internal issues, interested parties’ needs and expectations can be monitored and reviewed regularly.

 A.4.  Develop and provide adequate resources

The organization should determine and provide the resources needed for the establishment, implementation, and continual improvement of the CSC development.


The organization should consider:

  • Corporate strength, capabilities, and constraints on existing resources;
  • Short/long-term resources requirements;
  • What needs to be obtained from external providers such as NGOs and project consultants;
  • Form partnerships with other organizations wishing to conduct similar evaluations;
  • Planning for achieving organization’s objectives and targets.
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