Development Stages of the GD

The development and publication of this GD will be accomplished in 3 stages, namely, the Draft Guidance Document 1 (DGD1), Draft Guidance Document 2 (DGD2) and the final Guidance Document (GD).


The DGD1 will be published based on the findings of the literature review and the advice gathered from the Stakeholders Group (SG) which is composed of approximately 10 individual members from various sectors including corporations, NGOs, academic institutions and the government. The DGD1 contains the conceptual design of the Corporate Social Capital (CSC) framework which will be subject to the trial implementation by the collaborating corporations.


The DGD2 will be published after the trial implementation by mid-2019. The DGD2 will contain a detailed CSC framework and a list of plausible elements (see Table 3) of CSC under the six core dimensions of Social Capital. A solid process flow and measurement tool will also be developed for more widespread adoption. The experience gained from various supporting activities including an online platform, pilot community projects, personnel and project registration schemes will contribute to the final version.  


The final Guidance Document (GD) is expected to be published early 2020 alongside the wider adoption of DGD2. The linkage between CSC management model developed and the HKQAA SRR will also be supplemented in Annex A of the final GD.

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