Corporate Social Capital (CSC) is characterised by trust, networks and relationships. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business imperative that indicates a company’s commitment to manage the social, environmental and economic effects of its corporate behaviour and meet the expectations of its stakeholders. We believe that CSC and CSR can complement each other to maximise the value of a company and its contribution to sustainable development. This GD offers a framework for assisting companies to develop their CSC while performing their CSR, and showcases five projects implemented by local companies that have adopted the framework. The framework employs the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) management approach, which aligns with the assessment model used in the HKQAA Sustainability Rating and Research (HKQAA SRR) methodology for the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series. By adopting the framework, companies can better understand their sustainability performance and increase their sustainability rating.


CSC is important to doing business nowadays and many companies are exploring ways of designing their CSR approach. We hope this GD will provide insights and guidance for companies on how to integrate the concepts of CSC and CSR, and thus optimise their sustainability performance.

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