Five companies were invited to adopt the framework of the GD in their projects. These five pilot collaborators are Alliance Construction Materials Ltd., HKBN Group, Hysan Development Co. Ltd., New World Development Co. Ltd. and Swire Properties Ltd. The following sections showcase these five projects.


For each case study, we demonstrate how the company applies the PDCA management model at both the company level (i.e. the company’s sustainability[1] strategy) and the initiative/project level (i.e. the pilot-run project nominated for adopting the GD). We then describe the CSC outcomes of each project. The key CSC strategies identified are in blue italic text. There are two diagrams in each case study. One shows the CSR core subjects addressed by the project and the other illustrates the strength of each of the six CSC dimensions as self-assessed by the pilot collaborator. The good practices of each project are listed at the end, along with an indication of areas in which there is room for improvement.


[1] Some companies may use different terms, such as sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and corporate social investment.

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