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NWD’S SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY (Key CSC strategies  identified)

New World Sustainability Vision 2030 steers NWD to curate products, services and cultural content revolving around Green, Wellness, Smart and Caring. Going forward, they will focus on these directions in their own initiatives and partnerships that support the community to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

NEW WORLD SPRINGBOARD (Key CSC strategies identified)


CSC OUTCOMES (Key CSC strategies identified):


By providing regular sports training to under-resourced students in various districts, the project has helped to forge relationships among participants and their families to build social and mutual help networks in the community. The training and the diverse activities organised for the participants have broadened their horizons and developed their potentials. In particular, successful athletes have been invited to share their experiences with these potential athletes. These young talents would look up to the successful athletes as role models and be motivated to set their own goals. In addition, the Parent Club has not only assisted the parents of the participants to instil a positive attitude in their children and children’s personal growth, but also strengthened the bonds among the parents. The Community Ambassador Programme has further promoted community participation to the participants by encouraging them to volunteer their time to aid different underserved sectors of society. This demonstrates a good example of role transformation and nurtures a caring and responsible attitude in the young generation.


Moreover, NWD has collaborated with NGOs of sports and social services and established a sustainable partnership with these NGOs. The bonds among their employees have strengthened through volunteering in various activities of the project. Certainly, the project has helped to promote their corporate image and build brand trust.      







  • Clear sustainability policies
  • Regular stakeholder engagement
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Long-term engagement
  • Encouraging role transformation
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