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To promote the building of “Social Capital”, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) has developed a Project on “Bridging and Bonding - To Create Measurable Social Benefits.” The Project is funded by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) and aims at encouraging the business sector to develop corporate social capital, and create profound and sustainable social benefits. It also encourages cross-sectoral cooperation to help strengthen social capital and enhance sustainability in Hong Kong.


Under the Project, HKQAA establishes this online platform, namely SOCIALCAPITAL.SHARE, to encourage Social Capital practitioners from various sectors to exchange knowledge and experience, facilitate mutual assistance, encourage continuous learning and move towards professionalization. 


In addition, HKQAA develops the Corporate Social Capital Implementation Guidance Document (GD), which provides a framework for encouraging the business sector to build and utilize their Corporate Social Capital, be socially responsible, and create value for stakeholders. Meanwhile, the first draft of the GD (DGD1) is available on this website for view and download. 


Bridging and Bonding - To Create Measurable Social Benefits




Motivate the business sector to develop corporate social capital and create substantial and sustainable social benefits; at the same time, encourage cross-sectoral collaboration to foster the development of robust Social Capital contributing to the sustainable development of society in the long run.


Objectives and Targets


  • Encourage the business sector to develop Corporate Social Capital on fulfilling their social responsibilities while bringing about mutual benefits to both the corporations and all other concerned stakeholders in the society, leading to a win-win result
  • Act as a bridge to connect business, social welfare organisations and stakeholders from various sectors to develop collaborator networks, fostering creativity and the complementary spirit, accumulating useful and valuable experiences for the sake of advancing the sustainable development of society
  • Encourage social responsibility practitioners from corporations and social welfare organisations to thoroughly understand and grasp the idea of Social Capital, practice continuously and move forward to professionalization
  • Recognise organisations and practitioners that are committed to developing Social Capital projects, and encourage various sectors to persistently implement Social Capital ideas and concepts in the long term


Project Highlights


  1. Develop and promote “Corporate Social Capital Implementation Guidance Document” (GD), encourage enterprises to build Corporate Social Capital
  2. Professional development in Social Capital
  3. Recognition for Social Capital project and practitioners
  4. Social Capital web-based stakeholder platform to enhance cross-sectoral exchange
  5. Recognition ceremony cum sharing forum to recognize the contribution of practitioners and organisations in building Social Capital


Project Period: 13 March 2017 to 12 March 2020


Community Investment and Inclusion Fund

Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) was set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2002 to implement diversified social capital development projects in the community, promote reciprocity between the public and different sectors, and build together cross-sectoral collaborative platforms and social support networks. The Fund seeks to build social capital – to garner mutual trust, spirit of cooperation and social cohesion, and enhance mutual support among individuals, families and organisations so that our community can grow from strength to strength.  


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Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) is a non-profit organisation established by Hong Kong Government in 1989. As one of the leading conformity organisations in the Asia Pacific region, HKQAA is committed to providing certification and assessment services. Through knowledge sharing and technology transfer, HKQAA helps enterprises enhance management performance and competitiveness. Apart from introducing world-class management systems to Hong Kong, HKQAA has also developed a wide range of innovative services to cope with increasingly diversified market demands and the growing need for sustainable development, bringing benefits to the community.